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Your generosity can save as many as eight lives through organ donation, bring sight to others with cornea donations and improve yet another 75 lives or more through tissue donation. It takes only moments, yet means a second chance of a lifetime.

Every 9 minutes

another person is added to the waiting list

17 people die everyday

because the organ they need is not donated in time

Fellow Texans are in need

and your registration gives them hope


people are on the U.S. transplant waiting list


Texans are waiting for a transplant


of adults in Texas are not yet registered donors

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Dot Delarosa

Lung Recipient

I am eternally grateful for my lifesaving gift. Every day, with every breath, I honor my organ donor.

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Walter Williams

Donor Father

We want others to know that the decision to donate is life changing, both for the recipient families and the donor’s family.

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Lucia Perez

Liver Recipient

There are a lot of myths about donation, and I always tell people to get the facts because the myths aren’t true.

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These stories of hope and healing connect us, and remind us that the gift of donation is a powerful, human gift from one person to another.

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